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By The Sea Terms and Conditions

1. By visiting this website you acknowledge the following terms and conditions.

Governing law
2. You agree that in the event of any dispute between you and us, the terms shall be in accordance with the law of Indonesia.

3. You agree that By The Sea will not be legally bound to accept any form of liability for loss, damage or injury to you or your hardware/software from the use of this website.

Copyright and plagiarism
4. You understand that By The Sea own all rights to intellectual property that is displayed in this site, whether registered or unregistered.

6. You agree that we only accept responsibility for sending products once payment has been received and we have issued a confirmation email.

7. Any online orders that use unlicensed discount codes will regrettably have to be canceled due to our administration process and protection of By The Sea revenues.

Cancellation and returns:
8. Unfortunately we can only accept returns within Indonesia. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. For special exceptions please send an email to customer support and we will try to help you with your return from abroad.

9. You may return products that were supplied by us, as long as they are unused and that you tell us by email within 7 days of receiving your order. In this case please include your customer order number and description of the item(s) you wish to return. We will send a reply with instructions on how to return the products at your own expense.

10. If you return products to us we will either exchange your goods, refund your money or issue a credit note, to the exact value of your order. We will determine the form of compensation you receive depending on the situation.

11. We are not responsible for any postal faults when returning your products and compensation will only be given once the products have been successfully returned

Privacy and data protection
12. We will never receive or store your credit card details or data from your bank accounts as this is handled remotely via the secured payment gateway Veritrans.

13. We will only use your personal data in the following ways:

A: To provide you with the products and services that you have requested

B: To optimise our efficiency in the provision of these products and services

C: To provide you with customer care and to respond to your comments and questions

D: To keep you updated about our products and services and promotions when you sign up for
our email list of follow us on social media channels


14. You agree that we will not be held accountable for any form of damage to you or your personal property that happens as a result of using our products or services.

15. We apologise for any misunderstandings that may occur, we will try to solve any problems as soon as possible and as best we can. Please be patient, but if you are really in a hurry then please send an Email to support@bythesea.co.id